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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Awe-Inspiring Design
Tailored Made Website Design & Development
Responsive Website Design
Mobile Friendly Development
CMS Development
Content Management Systems. Giving company's control over every aspect of their websites.

Our Current Prices

Our custom design pricing structure is as follows:

Design and setup: R3500.00
Pages: R400.00 per page. (For the first 10 pages).
Total Setup Cost for 10 page website: R7500.00

Paying R 400 per page for a 50 page website starts getting a bit expensive. So we have two packages below
to make our website development a lot more cost effective.

10-30 page CMS Website for R 8500
30-50 page CMS Website for R 9800 total cost involved.

Below is what is included in our custom design solution:

 - CMS (Word Press or Joomla)
 - Basic SEO
 - Domain Registration
 - Search Engine Submissions
 - Fast Loading
 - Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
 - User Friendly
 - Attractive
 - Awe Inspiring
 - Interactive.
 - Modern Technologies giving you the ability to add unlimited ammount of pages.
 - Google Maps
 - Enquiry Forms
 - Gallery
 - Image slide shows
 - Social Media Buttons & or live Social Media Feeds
 - Speak to potential customers on your website using Live chat functionality
Optional Extras:

CMS Training - R 1500 Once off          
Adword Campain Setup - R 2500 Once off
Adword Campain Maintenance - R 970 p/m
Hosting and Maintenance - R 220 p/m
Logo Design - R1800 once off                 
Extra Pages - R 400 per page                     
Copy Writing (500 words) - R 750 (R1.50 per word)
Additional SEO - We will need more information from you             
E-commerce Setup - R 8500 Once Off (Excludes Shopping Cart Setup)   
Shopping Cart Setup - R 14500 Once off (10 to 100 products.)   
Shopping Cart Setup (More Products) - R 22500 Once off (1000 to 3000 products. Terms & Conditions apply)
Catalogue Setup - R 10500 Once off (10 to 100 products) 
Catalogue Setup (More Products) - R 18500 Once off (1000 to 3000 products. Terms & Conditions apply)  
Add to Quote Setup - R 10500 Once off (10 to 100 Products)
Online Ordering Setup - R 14500 Once off (10 to 100 products)
Online Ordering Setup (More Products) - R 22500 Once off (1000 to 3000 products. Terms & Conditions apply)

Basic SEO:

Having Sufficient Quality Content:
Google prefers websites that have sufficient quality content, and direct more traffic
to those websites that are more informative, well written and easy to read. Our copy writer
can help you do just that. Copy writing costs are charged separately.

Meta Tags:
Meta data keywords and descriptions have been misused in the past so they are now less important,
but are still important and can impact a company’s SEO. Getting it right is Key. We will guide
you on how to setup and properly integrate Meta Data. We will assist in helping you add title tags, alt tags and
search engine friendly url's

Keywords and descriptions:
The keywords and phrases should be added 2-3 times to each page as well as to the source code of the website.
In our basic SEO package we will be focusing on only adding keywords, descriptions and Title Tags to your websites source code.
Through Google adword tools, we can assist you in researching which keywords and phrases are
most searched for. Not only single keywords are important, but longer more descriptive phrases
are key as well, as this will allow you to target customers who are in the market for what you are offering.

Create and Register Site Map:
A site map is basically a list of pages found on a website. Users and search engine crawlers can see and utilize the site map.
This is done fairly easily as is an important requirement for the search engines.

Responsive Design:
Google ranks websites higher if they are mobile friendly or as it is also called responsive.
We build all of our websites to be responsive. Each website can be displayed on any device whether it
be your tablet, cell phone or computer. The website simply adjusts itself to the screen resolution
it is being viewed on

If a company is in a niche enough market, they should rank fairly easily and fairly quickly on search engines
if we implement Basic SEO during the setup of a website. Results can be seen from 30 to 90 days.